Wednesday, November 17, 2010

transiberian orchestra

the other night we went to the transiberian orchestra concert.  they had not come to town in 4 or 5 years and the show was one of the best i had seen.  I love this group and if you like rock and classical then it is for you.  if you like Christmas music or Christan music they are for you.  they are long hair head banging rockers that turn classical music into fun.  the kids love the show. 

only had my little point and shoot and sat in nose bleed section but it was still worth it.  Pictures are not great this was my best show and shows the awesome stage. 
   i took a sampling of a couple of their songs and stage show

i tried to add my own video but it wouldn't load twice and I am giving up.
But I do I know many of you have seen the Christmas video on youtube where the music and the Christmas lights on a house are in sync well that was them.

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