Saturday, September 11, 2010

Steptoe Butte

Yesterday I told you about the hike up kamiak butte well this is the other side of the mountains view. 
It is a view of steptoe Butte from Kamie Butte.

I have tried several different times to get a good clear picture of steptoe but everything we go it ends up being a hazy day.  I am beginning to think there are no clear days.

zoomed in a bit for you and here it is.  You can also drive up to Steptoe but there is no hiking its strictly a drive up to a parking lot.  the view is great especially in the summer when the fields are green.

I loved this shot of the harvested field.  so many times you see the picture of the pretty green fields but this is the bread and butter for the farmers here and the makings of some good bread for us at home.

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