Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sisters oregon

sisters Oregon was our destination this past weekend.  mom and I have talked about going for years and finally we went.  we made the 400 mile drive down on Friday and stayed for the weekend in Redmond a town close to sisters since it is about impossible to get a room there unless you book it a year in advance. 

the town comes alive with over 1200 quilts for 8 hours and hundreds of thousands people come through the show.  Sisters has around 2000 people in its population. haha

the entrance to sisters.  they shut down the streets for all the walkers.

that's mom in front of one of the quilts that are hung all over the town in every nook and cranny.

and those are the three sisters.  uniquely named south sister, middle sister and north sister.  though some call them faith, hope and charity.  this was shot from the edge of town.  How would you like to have that for a view.  AWESOME

that is a taste of what we saw.  will be sharing some more quilts, landscapes from around the area, special people we met and some other surprises.  

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