Thursday, July 15, 2010

horses, dogs and turtles

one of the amazing quilts we saw this weekend.  sadly with over 1200 quilts I did not get the names of all the owners/creators of these quilts.   this horse quilt was one of the quilts in the teachers tent area and wow what a quilt.  a closer look you can really appreciate the creativity of this artist.

as you can see each horse is made up of several small pieces of fabric and then quilting on top of that.

one of the smaller quilts that i just loved the colors were beautiful

corgi's are so cute i love how you can just wonder what they are looking at.

a smaller wall hanging quilt with amazing beauty and what you can't see is all the extras added to this.  like sequins, jewels and special threads. many hours went into this.

a close up view

It was great to meet the owner (again sadly I don't have her name) by accident actually.  while sitting in a small park area i was talking to my mom about how i really liked art quilts and scene quilts.  like that turtle one over there (pointing across the park to this section of quilts).  well a lady sitting a few feet away heard me and said thanks that is my quilt.  so of course I needed to get her picture with it. 

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  1. Wow - never saw a quilt with a scene on it before. Amazing to think that they are pieces of fabric - they look like paintings.


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