Monday, April 19, 2010


S is for Spokane, Washington. This is taken in the heart of the downtown area. we have a river that runs through it and through a damn that generates our power. The park is called riverfront park and originally was a train yard the clock tower is all that is left of it. in the 70's we had the worlds fair here and the pavilion in the background is one item left from that. It houses our ice rink in the winter and a mini golf range and a few rides in the summer. In the park we also have a carousel, an Imax theater, and countless areas to sit and enjoy the scenery. we hold many festivals here including pig out in the park on labor day that is full of good eats. Forth of July with the sympathy playing on the floating dock with the opera house in the back ground is always a big hit.

Spokane is located on the eastern side of the state of Washington and is considered a high desert. NO it does not rain all the time here. That would be rain forest near Olympia on the west side of the state. Spokane is about 30 minutes from Idaho. Has tons of lake, mountains, farm lands and just about everything but an ocean.

or stock photo
just to busy of a day to get out and get a shot so used one I had taken a few months ago. Just as well since I don't take my real camera to work due to not really having a place I can safely put it without risk of being stolen.

I think after doing this photo I have found my 2011 project. I think I will blog every day about my fair city to spread the word of what we offer and the beautiful things here and around here. Would love to have some followers for next year to do this with. any takers??? well you have many months to decide on it.


  1. Great shot! I grew up 2 hours from Spokane, in a small BC town. We used to make many road trips to Spokane for hockey tournaments and for shopping (I remember a place called Rick's Radical Rags! Last summer my hubby and I spent a few nights there, touring downtown (love the Davenport hotel) and Riverfront park and of course shopping!

    Great idea for 2011 too.. i'll have to consider that!

  2. What a beautiful city - sounds like everything you need to do a photo a day in 2011! This is a perfect S shot!


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