Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hit the button right on the nose

worked very late tonight so was exhausted when I came home and then hour later realized I need an N for the alphabet blog. Hubby was once again very helpful NOT!!!!! nipple, Neapolitan and nothing were his favorites. shakes head drive crazy some days.

First took horrible shots of noodles and decided I hated them and saw the dog laying on the floor looking all cute so here are my NOSE shots. the shot below is the original shot the other two are cropping from the shot.

poor Duncan he is always my model in the end


  1. Aw so cute... hahaa I do the same to my hubby ask him for ideas (but they're usually lame ones ;-)

  2. aw, what a sweet ball of fluff!!

  3. NOSE was the perfect choice! ANd an adorable little nosie it is! Good for you for keeping up even late at night when you are tired!


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