Thursday, April 1, 2010


well my intentions for my blog hop were to find a letter and post it and then also post something that starts with that letter. but since I can't get into my old computer yet (long story short it is dying and I am working on a new laptop) I only have the letter. no worries I have all my pictures backed up onto a portable hard drive its just not accessible to me at the moment.
So I have "A" street a street I pass most days so it popped out at me as a must have for the hop.
Follow along with my friends for the blog hop (see side bar)


  1. I love photos of signs and really like that this one is just "A".

  2. Wow you will give yourself double the work if you do a letter and something starting with the letter. I figure it is going to be hard enough to find things starting with letter on the day it is due. Good luck doing both. I like the sign.

  3. Off to a good start! (Yay for backing up your photos!)


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