Wednesday, March 17, 2010

gliding through the everglades.

Not the best picture but then we were driving through these mangrove patches on an air boat too. loved how they lined up like this. I think they must cut a trail every so often or these would grow into each other.

at points there was less then a few inches of water as we sped through the grassy parts.

and we even came to a complete stop a few spots along the way. usually to let another boat past but sometimes it was for another reason. and that my friend is coming up tomorrow.


  1. I'm so mad we didn't do this when we were in Florida! That looks soooooo amazing - glad you are bringing it to me!

  2. We did this last year on a trip to Florida and it was the highlight of our trip. I liked it even better than Disney!

  3. This part looks cool the crocs and gators are what I could avoid though, they just look too close for comfort.


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