Saturday, February 27, 2010

to hell and back

One stop along the way to the main attraction was a trip to hell. This famous spot is not much of a spot but it does have a post office and a place where everyone drops a post card or two.

This is it. Hell. Just amount of land made up of limestone that looks as if it could be hell.

Funny story: we were on the bus waiting on one more person to head to the main attraction (tease for tomorrow) when a lady on the bus mentions her husband is still in the post office. She also mentions it is his birthday and that he is a minister. Now his sermons he can really talk about being to hell and back. He was in the post office sending post cards to many people apparently. Hmmm wouldn't that be weird to get a post card from hell from your pastor, he must have a good sense of humor. And of course we all sang happy birthday to him when he came back on the bus.

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