Monday, February 22, 2010


I told you you would see a lot of bird pictures didn't I?????? Are you tired of the zoo yet?? have no fear we are nearing the end of this segment of our trip.

At the zoo they had several aviaries and this one had parakeets in it. Ever try to hold a treat stick in one hand with a moving bird on it and a 35mm in the other hand?? not easy I tell you and out of about a dozen shots this one is the clearest.

These little birds reminded me of the birds I have had in the past especially this little green one. our little chim chim lived for about 10 years till he/she passed away shortly after moving to a new house.

Ever wonder what happens to the seed that doesn't get eaten off the stick??

Well I found out. it falls to the ground and on your shoes and they will go crazy for that seed too.


  1. How fun! Great shot especially under one-handed circumstances! Love the mob eating your foot too!

  2. I just want to know did the birds eating off your feet tickle or hurt?


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