Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lunch with a tall friend

Meet Billy Bob one of the Tampa zoo's giraffe. Isn't he sweet? this was my absolutely favorite thing to do at the zoo. We got to to feed the giraffes some crackers. don't they have the most adorable eyes?

Mom went first and her cracker was gone before I even turned on the camera. I think she is telling the giraffe that it is all gone. wonder if he understands.

Then it was my turn. I liked this shot with the tongue in it. Look how long that tongue is!!!!! and it feels like a giant cat tongue too rough.

I could have done this all day but Gish there were other people that wanted to do it so I had to move on.


  1. What a fun place! That's a long tongue - wow - lucky that you got to try!

  2. This is my kids' favorite thing to do at the zoo! So much fun:)

  3. Wow that is getting up close. I love giraffes!

  4. I wanna do looks like so much fun!


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