Monday, January 18, 2010

11 old times

No new pictures today. My husband is in the process of scanning in all of my dad's old slides. many many boxes of them none of which are in any order. He ran into these three and I thought my how we have come far in so many year.

The above picture is my mom's parents probably 28 years ago. The Polaroid picture on the mantle is a picture of me in my Jr year of high school school. miss you gram and gramps.

Here is myself and my brother ages 4 (me) and my brother at 2.

and a little earlier when I was about 2 and my brother was only a few months old. We now live in this house that use to be my dad's parents house. little has changed except some of the bushes and there is now a bay window in the front. Oh and a new light.

from slides, to instant cameras like Polaroids to digital age. Pictures and picture taking will always be a part of our society. I wonder what a picture will be like in another 40 years? whole lifetime of pictures in a chip under our skin??


  1. I love old pictures like yours! Cute one of you and your bother. I may have to get our old ones to scan in too.

  2. Great shots - I bet you and your hubby are having a wonderful time walking down memory lane as he scans them in. How lucky to have them!


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