Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Meet the alleged (because after all we are defenders not prosecutors) perpetrator: Bonnie Bell
Age: 9 months
location: office dog (well not really but she is here most days so we call her that)
Crime: Thief, caught white pawed

The story: the AFLAC salesperson was in our office updating policies and such. bonnie bell was caught about an hour into the aflac salespersons visit roaming the halls with a duck that says AFLAC, AFLAC, AFLAC!!!!

We say bonnie bell where did you get that and she is all happy and butt wiggling. So we ask the AFLAC lady if she gave it to her and she says no that was in my purse. The little thief stole it. We all have a big laugh and of course bonnie bell keps her new toy.

I grabbed the office camera and snapped some photos and sent out an email that read

Beware of Thief roaming the halls
See attached mug shots and evidence photo of suspect. Found roaming our halls with a stolen duck. Thief was caught white pawed with duck stolen from the bag of the AFLAC lady. If you see the suspect use caution when approaching responds well to treats and scratched belly


she is adorable. of course I think my westie is cuter

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  1. LOVE it! I bet that made the day of your coworkers. (Too clever to do a profile mug shot too!)


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