Sunday, November 8, 2009


now you know I bash my point and shoot all the time but in reality I use it a lot. It is the one camera I have with me all the time (besides my blackberry phone camera which is even worse) so I guess I shouldn't bash it so much. after all it fits in my purse and I can get that daily shot with it since I can't and don't want to carry my SLR around with me at work all day.

well the above shot is taken with the point and shoot. not bad and but the next shot is better.

but with the Nikon I can enlarge the picture and get this
or even more with this. but this is stretching it even with the Nikon. Of course I am limited by my lens which is a 18-105mm.

PS this is a calla lily that I picked up at the grocery store only because I loved the color of the plant


  1. Gorgeous shot of the calla lily. What type of macro lens do you use? I'm crazy for macro photos and looking to invest in a macro lens.

    Great photos!!

  2. Who knew that's what the very center of a calla lily looked like? Cool!


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