Monday, October 26, 2009

297/365 preparing for halloween

Pumpkin carving and all that jazz. Dave drawing his design

Kris cutting into his pumpkin with the dog waiting by for scraps. He LOVES pumpkin

Dog torture time. trying on old masks. this looked really freaky on him like some sort of dog freak mix.

tada. all done. with pumpkins
the mini pumpkin spider that Dave did turned out pretty cool

while pumpkin seeds were cooking Dave and I made cupcakes. using carrot cake we made the mini cupcakes (bite size we love that size) added orange frosting, sprinkles, confetti leaves, some orange gel for lines and licorice for the tops.
should have used the real camera but instead i used the crummy Fuji one oh well you get the point.

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  1. Those pumpkins look fabulous! I didn't know dogs liked pumpkin! (That mask is a hoot!)


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