Saturday, September 12, 2009

254/365 september 11th

the above photo wasn't taken today but I liked it so I posted it on this day of remembrance.

never grew an elephant ear and really like how big it has gotten


  1. WOW _ I guess we know why it's named Elephant Ear! Great shot of the flag and jet - perfect!

  2. I had to stop by and say Hi... I've seen your blog link on Mel's blog, but didn't check it out until Mira told me to look at it the other day.... I love the photo's.... You have me thinking of other idea's on how to do stuff... You will find alot of my photo's on previous postings on Mel's blog, until she stopped writing. :o( All in good time, I know she will be back when she figures things out. Anyways, stop by and check out my pic's if you get a chance. I have 4 different pages going on... 2 blogs and 2 photo pages. The 2nd photo album is for my church when we do gatherings, as I take the pictures so everyone else can enjoy their time. I will be following up on your blog, and look forward to seeing any new pictures you post... God Bless... Kat (Katrena)


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