Wednesday, September 2, 2009

241/365 august 29

Hubby (below) had a fun day learning to do fused glass at a place called Summers Glass in Couer d'alene Idaho. we loved it so much we signed up for another one next month.

the piece above is my favorite that I did.

cell phone pictures because someone forgot her camera ughhhhh can you see the small mouse on the moose??
before pictures. (cell phone sorry) above our mine and hubbies tacking pieces before being fired.
top two left and top two bottom are our pieces again before firing.

the next day we went back to pick up our pieces and here they are. Hubbies are on top mine are on the bottom.

the first piece is using diocric (sp?? )glass with a clear class over top. the second is a globby clear glass on the bottom then colored glass and glass strings on top no clear on top of that. then lastly our tack pieces they aren't fully melted just enough to tack them to each other.

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  1. How beautiful! WOW! That sounds like a fun class especailly since your hubby went with you!


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