Saturday, June 13, 2009

164/365 June 13 The test

This product is by a company called H2O. My niece started selling it and I thought I would test it out and see how it works with our old house. You can see more about it on their website.

Basically its about a pound of clay that you use a wet sponge (looks like one of those Mr clean erasers and a micro sham to clean it up with) to pick up some of it with and then clean. Its very environmentally safe and as for the cost. Well that pound of clay will probably last me at least a year so very economical.

Now for the test my kitchen sink. GROSS I know. but first off let me say two things my husband drinks a LOT of ice tea and secondly its a porcelain sink from the 50's.

Here is the before

After shot with the left side using the product and very very little pressure was basically like whipping up a spill. Did a pretty good job.
some close ups. Don't get to grossed out. I should say I have been gone A LOT in the last 2 months so this didn't get its normal cleaning. Before

After. Now the chrome can't come clean it is worn. Some day when I am rich and famous I will completely redo the kitchen but for now its functional so its low on the priority list.
To be fair I thought I would show how another product we have used does. Below on the right is the soft scrub. I will say it took A LOT of product and this stuff is not cheap. And it took a lot of pressure with the scrubby. But it looks comparable.

More after shots
After shot with soft scrub.
well I am picky about my sink and even though the product did a great job and I just had to bleach it. Sorry just had to do it just in case. I will say my husband came home and said the sink looked great and asked what I used on it. It looks a lot cleaner.
Now I did some spots in the bathtub too. Another relic of the 50's but when we redid the bathroom I left it because its not chipped its a great sturdy tub and I was saving money by not trying to get that monster out of there. It is porous and shows the wear easier. Unfortunately the lightening was not conductive of my experiment no matter what I tried so the tub itself I couldn't get a great shot of. if anyone really wants to see what I came up with you will just have to email me and I would share but really you can't see anything much.

I was able to show how well it cleaned the chrome though. Before YUCK I know we have awesome drinking water here but it does nothing good for chrome.

after Wow just realized I can now actually see the hot and cold and name of the faucet. I do see some scratches though from the years of use.

It worked well on the tile grout too but I didn't get those pictures re-sized.

So my conclusion of the test:
1. The product is just as good as other products out there.
2. Its a bit on the spendy side initially but that stuff will last forever so if you cost it out it only costs pennies a cleaning.
3. Its environmentally safe.
4. Its fairly easy to use.

will i continue to use it?? yes I think so I am trying to be more conscious of the environment as you have probably seen in previous post, but I just can't get away from bleaching the sink.


  1. great before and after pics! Now you will be able to use the clay for upkeep and hopefully will not have to bleach.
    You see more products that are Easy to use, Environentally friendly and Economical at

  2. Interesting product - good photos of your test!


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