Friday, May 8, 2009

122 / 365 may 2

Drill weekend for hubby. Took this picture just before going to bed (and trying to not turn on many lights). He lays out all his uniform stuff so he doesn't wake me up early in the morning and I can sleep in. We meet while in the air force full time and after we got out with 4 years under our belts he kept up with the air national guard. He is getting real close to his 20 year mark and he is very happy for that. I tried working the guard and a full time job and a family and its tough. I only did 3 years because it seemed impossible to get caught up with house work, family, real job and life in general. But its a needed job and I am very proud of my husband for sticking it out and doing his duty. I know it makes him really tired some days. There have been times with between his regular job and the guard he has worked 28 days straight without time off. Not easy


  1. Well, your country thanks you and him for your service!

  2. I imagine that must be very exhausting. Thank you both for giving your time and energy and years of your life to the protection of our country's freedom.


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