Friday, May 8, 2009

121/365 May 1st. MAY DAY

Happy May day (a little late since I am sooo behind) Tonight I spent 6 hours helping my mother make all these hats and purses. she had to make 10 of each in different colors for a ladies tea two days later. Poor thing was so sick the last 3 days she hadn't been able to work on them. But then again my mother never knows how to say NO when someone asks for help or for her to do something for them.

They did all turn out great though and everyone wanted to know how she did them. Basically some stiff card stock cut out (free form) underneath the hats and purses and then covered with paper. We used some paper table clothes since they are large and it was like cutting out fabric. then we embellished them


  1. How beautiful! What a fun tea party that must have been!

  2. I can't believe how adorable those are! What a creative idea!


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