Sunday, May 3, 2009

115/365 april 25

It was the inland empires plant sale day today and here is my haul. All but one of these will go on my rock wall. The wall is coming along great. each year I buy a few more plants for it and its starting to really fill in. I did notice that almost none of my daffodils came up which sit on the inside edge of wall that goes into the yard area. And the tulips are not doing well they have yet to blossom. I think I will have to get more to plant this fall. now how to keep the squirrels out of them. hmmm


  1. Looks like some beautiful choices -your garden will look perfect!

  2. There's something about spring and getting our hands in the Earth that does good for our souls. I like your finds... Especially the little white flowers. :)


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