Sunday, May 3, 2009

113/365 april 23

trying to do this one handed was tricky but I wanted to show you size. I bought this last year and it was just a wee twig. Its special because it is a Spokane Lilac specially made for our city by the Spokane Lilac City. You see that is our city flower which usually blooms in May which for our city is full of big celebrations and happenings. But this year judging from the other lilacs they we are going to be well into may before they pop. Some day this little plant will produce flowers but it will be many many years until then I must be patient. The flower will turn white then pale purple and then dark purple if it does what it is suppose to do


  1. I LOVE the scent of lilac! Good luck on your first blooms!

  2. I love the scent of lilacs, too, and the way they look in full bloom. There's something special and poignant about waiting for a tree to bear fruit or blossom... Knowing that beauty is lying dormant waiting for the right time to burst forth into the world. Spring is full of such glories. I'm enjoying every moment to the fullest, in spite of life's challenges, and I hope that you are, too.


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