Thursday, February 5, 2009


well this most certainly wont go down as my most exciting 365 day. I have no idea why but I spent about a half an hour taking pictures of this scentsy pot. In the dark in the light you name it. finally decided I liked this one best. I had a yummy sent called pumpkin roll brewing all night it was very calming. Had a crazy day and came home pretty keyed up. Thought about going for a run and then remembered oh yeah I hate running not to mention it was COLD out. ended up putting on the PJ's jabber jawing to the hubby and even did a little bit of stamping. Nice way to end the day and calm down.

What would an evening in PJ's be without slippers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these slippers. this is my 2ND pair in 3 or 4 years. Hubby, thoughtful as always bought them for me they are down slippers (you can see a feather on the left one) and they keep my feet nice and toasty while in the basement. looks like I might have to get a new pair next year at the rate I am going


  1. Nice shot of the candle - I like seeing the pattern on the outside with the hint of warm glow popping thru! Those slippers look snuggly!

  2. I SOOOO want one of these Scentsy pots. With my fear of fire, this would be perfect for me. I just haven't broken down and bought one yet because I keep telling myself I am going to have a demo in my house and hopefully earn some free stuff. *sigh* Love the picture. It only taunts me more!

  3. Pretty little pot! Pumpkin is one of my fav scents! Those slippers look sooooo warm and cozy!


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