Wednesday, February 4, 2009


what is this?? the elusive child. Rarely seen or heard from. He hides from the camera as often as possible. We were graced with his presence at dinner tonight and even some conversation. Is it real or is it the pod child. LOL he is a good kid just busy and shoot what 18 year old wants to be with his fuddy duddy parents anyhow.

Not the best picture but I only had my cell phone with me. I had take apart a soap dispenser from the bathroom and needed to send a little entertainment to a friend so there I am.


  1. Glad to meet your mysterious 18 year old - and seriously that soap dispenser photo makes me laugh! Thanks for the fun!

  2. Enjoy the few and far between moments you may have!! Sooner or later you will be cool again!!

  3. and that entertainment SERIOUSLY had me rolling


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