Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have a small in my dining room just before my kitchen. I pass by it hundreds of times a day it seems. On it are little collectibles like miniature clocks, small tokens from trips like a little bear from Alaska, several of these mice seen in here and a few little treasured tokens like this picture. It's me and a friend that lives on the complete opposite side of the united states from where i am. we have actually only met in person a handful of times but connected through our stamping we stay in touch. One of the trips we had together we found these little Halloween type masks and each just had to have one and another friend snapped our picture. my friend put it into this little square photo frame and sent it to me. Its one of my treasured little pieces full of memories.

yep another shot of me in the bathroom. Don't you just love that curtain?? lol well it was a very good hair day so I just had to take a good on in the bright lights of the bathroom.


  1. Oh I love this picture of you with your friend! It shows your true playful side! You are soooo much fun, Mouse!

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