Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is one of my favorite toys. I swore I would never do text messaging but this past December I made the jump and went for the whole tomato. And all I can say is I LOVE IT. I can see why President Obama didn't want to give up his. Being able to stay in touch with my friends near and far and my son even more so, not to mention that I can get my email and facebook on it.

Well fellow 365 bloggers we made it a month. If we can do this 11 more months will be nothing. well we will see.
well two computer shots in a row but well to bad. I sad at the computer most of the day today doing taxes and all the other paperwork that needed to be done today. I am so not going to be doing that tomorrow.


  1. I love texting too - great way to keep up with my teenager! Hey - you're right -we made it 1/12th of the way thru our 365 commitment - yay!

  2. Great shot of your Blackberry. I am jealous, but too cheap to pay for the service on my own! *giggle*


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