Sunday, January 4, 2009


well not the best picture but it tells what I did for the day. Took mom out for the day and visited the local casino. The roads were not fun kinda icy. So only took the point and shoot and shot this of the sign. Luckily we broke even so that's a good thing. It was good to spend the day with my mom we always have a good time together and you know life is short. We usually end up going out there once a week sometimes every other week. We aren't high rollers though so we will never make it rich.

Well another picture of me that I hate. this self portrait stuff sucks. Guess i could set up the tripod but to lazy for that.


  1. You could almost stand on the snow pile and change the letters yourself on that sign! It's getting to be a tall snow pile. I can't believe schools are closed again tomorrow. What will the puppies and I do for the day?

  2. Well, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, this is my third time trying to leave a comment! LOL! You are too funny. I tried the self portrait thing this morning and I agree, they stink! Mine aren't even in focus and I used a tripod...I think I need to change out my lens. I like your self portrait, I see honesty and compassion on those eyes. Keep 'em coming!


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