Saturday, January 3, 2009


not my most favorite shot of the day but the one that I think represents the day best. My husband and I decided to brave the 9 degree weather and walk in a park downtown called riverfront park. The river runs though it and the carousel isn't running but the music filled the air as well as the cold. The steam coming up off the lake was very cool looking. It was nice to get a bit of sunshine today though cold. It didn't last long and it will be a cool night with the sky not having any clouds to keep the heat in but it was worth it.

Ok I did take a shot of myself today with the little point and shoot. Got to laughing though because as I was holding it out in front of my my husband says why not look in the mirror and do that. well duh never thought of that. of course I can't do that with my other camera but this one I can. so here we go and yahooo look no more gray hairs


  1. oh mannnnn! I had just let the dogs in the back door when I opened up your picture of Riverfront Park. I shivered like I was THERE!!!! You guys are crazy to go down there today. Brrrrrr -- but super pretty pictures. I want to go up to Rutter Parkway tomorrow and take snowy tree pictures!! My friend saw three moose today...wouldn't that be a cool picture? hey, tell me how you stamp your pictures with your name and date??

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