Monday, January 12, 2009


Stamp night at my stampin up demo's house. Made some really cool projects with some really cool friends.

opps almost forgot the picture (probably should have) so its pj time


  1. What cute projects - nice arrangement of them for the photo!

  2. Hi! I wanted to answer the question you posted on my blog, but I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do that?? I'm new to blogging~!

    I have a Canon EOS 40D camera. I think I shot the moon in F 11, ISO 100, speed 1/250th of a second, using my 100-400mm lens. DOes that help? (I took a photography class at our local adult school last year and finally learned how to shoot with manual settings - that was a big turn-around in my photography.

    Love you pictures too!



  3. I love that you are taking a picture of yourself too. That is amazing. And I absolutely love your projects!!

  4. Great layout and what an awesome creations!

  5. Absolutely love this project. I love Valentine's Day for all the pink 'n hearts 'n stuff. This epitomizes it. And I'm loving this blog.

    How cool to take a photo a day, of yourself and other interests.

    Darlene (AOLC)


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