Saturday, September 21, 2013

run for your lives

so for my birthday I asked to do a 3 mile obstacle run that is called run for your lives.  This was held at an orv park outside of Olympia.  Not only is it an obstacle run but you are chased by zombies.  you finish either as a survivor or you finish as infected   I have never done a mud run and wanted to try one and this one sounded like so much fun.  Now I thought hubby would just watch but he said I will do it too this was shocker number one.  Number two because it involves getting dirty very dirty and he isn't one for that.

set in the woods at an orv park the first mile was through the forest

run for your lives  - olympia 2013

here I am still clean before the race
run for your lives  - olympia 2013

there was lots of music and entertainment in between the waves of runners

run for your lives  - olympia 2013

this guy was very brave in his zombie get up and he even ran that way.  I wonder if anyone dared grab one of his flags

run for your lives  - olympia 2013

the first hill and one that took hubbies first flag and my first fall  with  rocks and twigs and yes I did fall twice once was pretty bad and ended up with a hand size bruise on my thigh.  watching for rocks and trying to avoid getting one of my flags taken made for tricky running

zombie run-4

one of the first mud pits I was sure I was going to leave a shoe behind but made it out
zombie run-3

zombie run-7

yep dirty

zombie run-8

zombie run-9

some zombies were slow and for show and some were fast and chased you far you could participate as a zombie or as a runner or both if you wanted to.  next time I want to be a zombie

zombie run-10

then came the tent.   the tent filled with smoke  and another surprise

zombie run-11

there were wires hanging that delivered a bit of a shock if you touched them.  I made it out without touching them but hubby didn't.

zombie run-14

but i didn't survive the shock from the finish line where the fence was wired as well
run for your lives  - olympia 2013

me after my fall
zombie run-13

it was so much fun

zombie run-15

even hubby was smiling at the end
zombie run-12

yes we would do it again



  1. Oh boy - what an interesting way to race! Kudos to your hubby to do it with you. I'm not one for mud races myself, but I have a trail half marathon tomorrow and it's supposed to rain - so I think it will be a mud run whether I want it or not.

  2. Okay that looks heinous. Glad you had fun.


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