Wednesday, August 28, 2013

maui - road to hana (picture intensive)

Another item on my must see/do list for Hawaii was the road to Hana.  I am soooooo glad we took a tour bus instead of driving this ourselves.  its a 68 mile road trip that takes about 2.5 hours without stops because of all the one lane roads and bridges and all the twists and turns over 600 turns!!!! 

Since we were on the road and not in the air you can see more of the road and more information on it here:

there were several waterfalls along the way
hawaii - maui road to hana-44

several beaches along the way as well

hawaii - maui road to hana-15

hawaii - maui road to hana-1

i even picked some coconuts 
hawaii -maui road to hana -49 
well ok maybe not

but i did go into the black stone beach it was cold 
hawaii -maui road to hana -50

but it was a gorgeous beach from above as well
Maui july 2013
and from the outcropping looking back
Maui july 2013

Maui july 2013

some unusual sightings included several signs with lots of stickers on them

Maui july 2013

this red sand beach
Maui july 2013

and the chinaman's hat island
Maui july 2013

Maui july 2013
this old chruch survived some of the worst hurricanes ever

Maui july 2013

much of the current roads were built to make an water system to get it from one place to another and is still in use today 

Maui july 2013

Maui july 2013
and then we got to hana 
hawaii -maui road to hana -53
 and boy was hubby happy

hawaii -maui road to hana -54 
the rest of the trip was around the dry side of the island and a bit faster no more twists and turns or well less

this is near the back side of halaekala 
hawaii - maui road to hana-45

well that was only a few pictures I took along the way but you get the picture.  by the time we got back to the ship we were gone over 9 hours.  tiring day but worth it. 

ok one more picture this is the state flag of Hawaii not to be mistaken as the British flag. 

Maui july 2013


  1. Awesome! Now I so want to go there!

  2. Beautiful. I love the pictures of you in the water and the church.


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