Sunday, February 17, 2013

riverfront park

I live in a great city and in the middle of downtown is a great park called riverfront Park.  It is the leftover buildings from expo 74 (think that is right) with the exception of the clock tower.  the clock tower still works and is all that is left of the railroad yard that use to be there.

recently I did one of my training walk/runs from there since it was still cold and icy out it was one of the safer routes to take.  the centennial trail runs through the park.  which is a trail that runs from 9 mile falls all the way through Idaho and I think has started into Montana.  great trail i use various sections of it all the time.

this was the picture from that day a cold but at least blue sky day

Riverfront park

i have some exciting pictures to come real soon so stayed too.  well at least I am excited about them. 


  1. Love the beautiful shades of blue in this photo!

  2. Great shot. I too love the different shades of blue.


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