Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 a brand start

Well I have been a bad blogger no excuse really just wasn't into it for a while.  Going to try to start back again hoping for a post a day but no stress if it doesn't happen.  Trying to do more from my iPad as well so that will prove to be a new challenge.

Took this picture a few days ago on my second trip snow shoeing up on mt Spokane.  Used the new Flickr app on this one.  Flikr is part of yahoo and they drive me batty seems I can sometimes get in and sometims not bad have to change my password way to frequently because of problems so may be searching for a new photo storage

Snow shoeing mt Spokane

I am really liking snowshoeing even though I am not a winter fan.  Trying to embrace it a bit more and find some activities to enjoy. Will probably post a few more from the trip 

Goals for 2013: 
Blog more 
Drop a few pounds before the big anniversary in July 
Increase my speed from snail to turtle in running 
Finish more protects that I have already started 

Edited to add I will try to keep up with this p52 challenge

P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. Happy New Year I love snowshoeing it is seeing nature at its most pure form. Glad your back with your lovely photos. No pressure:) B

  2. Happy new year Laura! LOVE your photograph - has such a serene and peaceful quality about it - wow!!


  3. Beautiful photo! I love snowshoeing. Being outside and active in the winter is wonderful.

  4. Great photo... very well done!


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