Monday, August 20, 2012

looking to the sky

meteor attempt aug 12 2012

took this on august 11th which was suppose to be the most active night for meteor showers.  this was one of my test shots lasting about 30 mintues about 1230 at night.  just as the sky was starting to get active in my area.  well it was the last of my shots due to a stray dog that decided he wanted to make my backyard his playground.  I was afraid he would knock over my tripod and was to frustrated with removing him over and over to try any more shots.

I have never tried to do a star trail and this shot though it doesn't have any meteors in it makes me want to try it again.  

the star trail is created by the movement of the earth over a specified time as in this shot about 30 minutes.

I used my zoom lens at 18mm for 30 minutes (give or take 2 minutes) iso at 200 (to prevent a grainy shot) and f 22 to not put to much external light into the shot since I was shooting in my backyard and I have neighbors.


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  2. Very, very cool. So worth all the work that went into getting the shot.


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