Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i can't be trusted (week 17 capture a moment in life)

this weeks prompt is to capture life.  I decided this fit the bill because well its me it is a moment of my life, my nautre my being.  Its a little different I am sure then what post people will post for this subject I am sure.  but than again i am not everyone else I am me.

I can't be trusted to obey sometimes and it drives my husband and mother nuts   now I don't go usually further than just beyond the sign but they love to get shots of me doing so

here is the road closed due to snow.  snow what snow I say?  open it up!!! hahaha
Crater Lake july 2012

and me protesting the closure


and my mom's favorite of me past the concrete barrier 

Crater Lake july 2012

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  1. I love the one of you protesting!! LOL.

  2. You are a rebel, apart from the one where I am worried the spade of the Cat is going to collapse on you. Yes, I am a worrier. Great shots.


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