Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i spy with my tiny eye.....

can you see it?

smith rock

can you see him now??

smith rock

there were a ton of climbers out on smith rock this day.  I guess the days of rain everyone got a little antsy and needed to head for sunshine and some exercise.

I have no upper body strength I have tried this once on a climbing wall and couldn't make it.  of course once I started laughing it was all over there was no way I could muster even the smallest amount of strength to finish.

have you ever climbed??


  1. It took me a few seconds to find him...but I finally spied him, too! :)
    I've never tried climbing, I have a bum shoulder and definitely not great upper body strength at all. But I think it would be awesome to climb!

  2. I left a comment that said it was published, but I don't see it I'll try again :)
    It took me a few seconds, but I finally spotted him!


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