Tuesday, July 31, 2012


i haven't played in the last few weeks of 52 photo project for no good excuse except didn't prepare them.  so here is this weeks prompt   Delicate

a flower, not sure the name but taken at crater lake oregon last month.

EDITED TO ADD:  thanks to linda we believe this is a penstemon flower

Crater Lake july 2012

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  1. Joining you from sweet shot Tues. As an Oregonian, I don't know that name of that flower either! Love the capture, though.

  2. That's a pretty little flower!

  3. Lovely, delicate flower. Such a beautiful colour!

  4. I think your flower is a penstemon. Love the brilliant purple color. You captured it perfectly!

  5. I've seen them out west in the mountains, and they are so gorgeous, one by one, or in a whole field. You captured the color and shape of one just perfectly!

  6. amazing how such pretties can grow in seemingly dry land. oregon probably gets enough rain though.


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