Saturday, April 28, 2012

tulips - Flowers for Leontien

tulips at arbor crest

Flowers for Leontien
today's flower is to show support for a fellow blogger Nancy at four leaf clover tales who has been going through a tough time.  it is a surprise show of support.  check it out here at a rural journal.

these were taken today at a local winery, yes washington state has some of the best wines out there even award winning.  the tulips were in bloom and this was one of my favorite shots.


  1. thank you for posting in support of leontien today! these are BEAUTIFUL! :)

  2. Beautiful Flowers Leontien will love them. I love the colour. B

  3. O yes….Leontien need this !!! for all the blog girls who give her flowers today !!…glad you did this….love Ria…xxx…

  4. Beautiful tulips!

  5. So pretty -- gorgeous field of love here!

    Thank you so much for participating at Flowers for Leontien, sweetie! xoxo


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