Sunday, April 1, 2012

i won!!!

nahhh April fools day.  but it was a nice one dollar dream.  Did anyone else purchase a mega million ticket?  if so what would you buy that would be totally off the wall extravagant?

I would get a jellyfish tank?? wouldn't that be cool?

these jellyfish are from the Seattle aquarium and I could sit and watch them forever.  unfortunately for us it was a major busy day there and there were people everywhere so I did not sit and watch them for long and here are a few of my favorite shots.


the jellyfish were in an "O" shaped tank that you could walk through so my shots were upside down i rotated most of them. they also had lights that changed colors so the jelly's were all sorts of colors.





  1. Love the colors on these and you did a beautiful job of shooting through glass.

  2. I didn't buy a ticket, but did spend time dreaming of what I would do if I won.


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