Wednesday, March 14, 2012

pike place market

pike place market has got to be the second most thought of place to go when going to Seattle.  the first of course being the space needle.


the day we rolled in the weather was of so lovely.  oh wait we are in Seattle where yes it does rain, if you call drizzle all day rain.  I live on the dry side of the state you cross over those mountains and its like going to a whole new world.

It is a great place to stop if you ever go always fun to people watch and you never know what treasure lies inside.  my suggestion go during the week.  this was taken friday midday by saturday this would not have been possible.

I may bore you with photos of the market but it was fun to play a little with some shots.


  1. One of my favorite places on earth. When I lived in Seattle I used to hit the market on Fridays or first thing Saturday morning before it got busy.

  2. I love visiting Seattle, especialy Pike Place market.


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