Sunday, March 25, 2012

peek a boo


from inside the explore music project I found a window that peeked out on the space needle (last shot of the space needle I promise) I thought it would be a fun shot to take.

what do you think of the black space should it be cropped or not?  I have another shot where the window fills the frame but my eye was drawn more to this picture.  opinions please?

lastly for those of you that are angry bird fans see this post on the launch of the angry birds space game wished I would have been there to see it in person:


  1. I would crop more of the black space out. But I love the composition and the idea of the space needle peeking through the window!

  2. I love the black, it really draws the eye to the window. great shot.

  3. I say leave the black - it is a great frame


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