Sunday, January 8, 2012

resolution P52 week 1


this weeks theme is resolution.  I decided to put my challenge to myself to read more.  I got a reader for Christmas and so far loving that and have books that need to be read all over the house.  I use to read a lot when I was younger, then I had a kid and that seemed to be something that there was never enough time for.  now that he is all grown up I have more time and am doing more.

 I found a good site called that tracks the books I have read (you will see in my side bar the current book I am reading) and lets me add books I want to read.  do reviews share with friends and lots of other stuff. (edited to add this is for e-books and regular paperbooks)

Another site for all of you that have got e-readers is pixeltoink I signed up for the daily newsletter and they email me a list of books that are available for free or really cheap.  I have already started a good collection on my e - reader.

so what books are you reading???

upcoming themes in the P52 series

Week 1 – ending Friday, January 6: Resolution
Week 2 – ending Friday, January 13: Made with love
Week 3 – ending Friday, January 20: I Dreamed A Dream
Week 4 – ending Friday, January 27: Self-portrait
Week 5 – ending Friday, February 3: Shadows
Week 6 – ending Friday, February 10: Drink up!
Week 7 – ending Friday, February 17: True Love
Week 8 – ending Friday, February 24: Cabin Fever


  1. I put Crazy Love and Families Where Grace is in Place on my reading list for the year. Over Christmas break I read like crazy just for fun. I'm almost done with The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (started it on Friday and could finish today if I went and sat down with it) then its back to just school reading and my Bible, of course.

  2. I love goodreads! I love your widget too...might have to get one of those! I'm currently reading The Poisonwood Bible and just recently finished Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea--both great books (especially for an expat in SK).

  3. I used to read ALOT when I was young too (especially since we didn't watch tv during the week during the school year). I really haven't read as much anymore in my adulthood. Great resolution and photo.

  4. I never thought i would use an e-reader until I got my iPad. Now that is mainly what I use it for! So convenient, and i always have my books with me.

  5. other than my daily bread devotional and bible, I don't seem to have time for reading. I usually do my reading while on vacation, or when hubby is fishing, lol


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