Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

so here we are 2012 another new start.  a couple of days ago I asked you what your word for the year was and told you mine was challenge.

I am going to personally challenge myself this year to a few things and here are my top 10, or at least the 10 I can think of at the moment not in any order.

1. more exercise and do at least 2 1/2 marathons
2. be a better person (take that however you like)
3. finish more projects - to many ufo's in my life.
4. work more at learning more about photography
5. have a better attitude (goes along with #2)
6. read more - i miss reading and over the years have not done much.
7. be a better friend (more of #2)
8. learn yoga
9. take better care of me
10. be more thankful to the people around me and god.

to help me accomplish some of these things I have signed up to do 2 different photo challenges for the year:

kim klassens's beyond the layers  - 52 weeks of encouragement, motivation and inspiration centered around, but so much more than phtoshop.

my life with 3 boybarians p52 challenge -  1 photo once a week for a year challenge.

other challenge update:
still looking into a yoga class that fits my schedule but its coming,
working on my list of projects to complete at retreat in january
need to get back into walking (i so hate the cold need to get over that)
And don't forget to link up to your word for 2012.


  1. I like your list. I just started Yoga on my Wii and love it though I look like a pregnant cow on some of my stances! Egad-
    I am going to try to do one craft or home type thing for my blog each week.
    My husband bought me the new Nikon D5000 or something like that with two lenses and everything else including a photography school DVD SO I am with you on this one too.
    I've been reading too much (150 or so books in the last half of last year! Need to cool my jets on this one (do they still say cool my jets? Yeah, I didn't think so.)
    I started eating healthier a week ago.
    I've been working on my relationship with others and with God -Starting a devotional girls book this Sunday.
    BUT this year you and I need to MEET! So put that on your list!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You really made my day. Hey - the Girlfriends half registration opens next Monday. I can get you the website address if you're interested. It's a good race with awesome swag!


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