Sunday, December 11, 2011

wrap up

So did you guess from the last post?  well not likely.

I was here along with 43,999 other people: 


in las vegas running (well walking really fast) the rock n roll marathon (i did the half 13.1 miles) 

pretty crazy and fun girls weekend there were 7 of us that traveled to the race together: 


ok bad picture and one missing who was taking the picture.  we were waiting to get to the race from our hotel the plazzo to the Mandalay bay and were lucky enough that because they were running out of time and shuttle buses to go in one of these



yeah I know some bad shots just had my phone with me, traveling light for the race, and the reason this is all in one post instead of spread out. this is what you get when trying to NOT slow down and get trampled and take a photo as we race past the venetian.  and of course it was the only photo I got of that hotel all gussied up for Christmas that weekend. 


half way point and only other photo I took during the race freemont street, again moving:


post race craziness trying to get back to our hotel decided to have a beer and hang out in mandalay bay for a bit 

oh and the metal can't forget that didn't do 13.1 miles in 3:17:34 for nothing.  a personal record for me shaving 12 minutes off my first race.  


the only photo of the group i got and it sucks something in my little point and shoot makes the photo turn orange and I haven't figured it out yet  this was the best I could do to get the color out of it   :(   we were off to a birthday dinner which included the mom and sister of one of the gals with us.   


it was an awesome weekend I think I could have slept for 3 days after the race if I didn't have to work.  can't wait for the next one.  this is becoming addicting and I don't like to run even. hahaha. 


  1. Great job getting a PR in the half! Yes, these races are addictive, aren't they? Before you know it, you'll be running sub 2-hour halfs! :)


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