Friday, October 14, 2011

ready set GO!!!!

ok thats me run/walking my first 5k race.  the moose chase trail run on top of Mount Spokane a couple of weeks ago.  A small group raced through the hills and trails of the mountain.  It was a gorgeous day out I ended up actually being way to warm but had a blast. 

it was a bit of a practice at running in a race of any kind.  As you have seen by my side bar i have been fundraising and training to do my first 1/2 marathon and raise funds for leukemia.  as you read this me and my team (team in training team) are on our way to a weekend of fun, tears, laughter, stories and pounding the pavement in San Francisco at the Nike women's marathon.  I will be mostly walking but a really fast walk.  amazing I could hardly walk for very long when I first started training 5 months ago and now I am doing 13.1 miles. 

its not about the finishing time its about accomplishing something you have never done before. 

This weekend I race for Stephanie (recovering from her 2nd round of leukemia), Mitchell a young man just diagnosed and franca who passed last year.

now back to our regularly scheduled posts


  1. Good luck you are going to do great.. An excellent cause. My prayers are with Stephanie,and Mitchell. I am sorry about Franca. I can't wait till they can cure this horrible thing. B

  2. Kudos to u !!
    u doin a good job..
    all my best wishes wid u !!

  3. Good luck this weekend. I am so proud of you sticking to your training and going for what you want!!!


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