Friday, September 2, 2011

time for a dip

about 1/2 way through the flight we were over the snake river and scheduled but unexpected for us we landed in the river.  getting our feet wet but it was SOOO much fun. 

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2800

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2794
you can almost see me in this reflection above.   as fast as we landed we took off again

lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2802

we continued on for a bit into washington until a field was spotted.  well we tought it was a field it was more like a hillside.  the ground crew had to come running from a parking lot to catch us and walk the basket and balloon down the hill to a safe spot to drop the balloon so that it would not be damaged.

this was the last shot I got until we were on stable ground
lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2809
I was surprised the landing was so smooth only one little bounce and not really much of one.  and then the guys held onto the bottom of the basket and guided us down the hill.

this is me :
lewiston balloon ride 2011 august_2822

we had to help load the balloon after it was deflated into the basket for safe travel back to our starting point.

hope you enjoyed my little journey in a hot air balloon.  if you ever get a chance its a beautiful smooth and peaceful way to see the world in yet another way.


  1. The photos just get more and more beautiful

  2. I have enjoyed your last three posts the air balloon would have been so much fun. The photos are magical what a great trip you had.

  3. how very cool. I'm gonna have to try this...someday, heehee

  4. Oh i love the reflection shots. This is just so cool! I really want to go for a ride in a balloon now!


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