Monday, September 19, 2011

a stroll

anyone guess what this is?  well probably not that hard of a question for most but throwing it out there to hear the answers:


while strolling along the beach at the dungenous spit in sequim, washington we happened apon this.

It landed perfectly upside down.  fitting I suppose to die belly up. 

finding this reminds me of how we should always not look forward but down as well all the way around us.  one never knows what you will find at your feet. 

so how many of you guessed jellyfish??  this is probably the best way to encounter a jelly fish that is unless you go to palau where you can swith with millions of them in a lake and never get stung.  someday maybe I can hit that place.  check out the video on this website:


  1. wo thtz very unusual stuff..
    thnx 4 sharing

  2. Cool I have never seen a right side up one either. B

  3. Beautiful. I am impressed by color. Greetings from Romania


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