Wednesday, September 21, 2011


what is your destination?  do you ask that yourself daily?  I find that each day gives me a new answer and by focusing on today we can make it through the day. 

can you spot my destination for today?   - sometimes like these trees and the shear distnace of my destination its hard to see even hard to manage concuring it.


but anything can be done with a little time and effort put into it. right?  zooming in a little closer you can see the destination a bit better. 


and with a few more steps and zooming in a bit more you can really see where I am going with this.


thats mt baker in the background and the dungenous spit lighthouse.  Its a 5 1/2 mile walk to get there from the end of the forest and the start of the beach.  we saw this a couple of years ago and said one day we are going to go there.  recently we made plans for a long weekend just to accomplish this.  And it was worth every step of the way.

so where is your next destination and where will your feet lead you to next?

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  1. An amazing destination for sure!

    My next destination? COMPLETELY unclear at the moment and I am a PLANNER so it makes me feel a bit squirrely! :)


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