Friday, August 5, 2011

red rock canyon,

vegas july 2011_2360

located in Las Vegas, Nevada and just about a 30 minute drive from the strip is a wonderful place to see some red rock (but not the best trust me on this) in Nevada.

for $7.00 a car load you can take the scenic drive and stop in the visitor center which I have to say is very well done and improving all the time.
there are so many different colors and shapes its amazing.

vegas july 2011_2422


  1. There is nature around Vegas? lol

    So where is the best place to see red rock?

  2. how beautiful. and to think I complain about the red clay my kids track in from our back yard, lol.

  3. I will definitely do this next time we're in Vegas - it looks beautiful and the casinos are sure a waste of time!


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