Sunday, August 21, 2011

pawn stars

anyone ever watch Pawn Stars?   well we decided to stop in and see the shop since we were in vegas and it wasn't far.  well not much to see it looks better on tv really it does.  here are a few shots from our visit.  nope none of the people we saw on tv were there darn.
vegas july 2011_2338

it was pretty small inside too but that didn't stop people from going in.   I think they have storage offsite:
vegas july 2011_2341

this was shown on an episode I did happen to watch:

vegas july 2011_2344

the place sadly reminded me of the 'as seen on tv products" yep pretty much it
vegas july 2011_2339

sovereigns were outrageous.  Don't remember them all but a coffee mug was $25.  so we passed on those.  I am sure there were some that got a kick out of going I just wasn't one of them.

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